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2 x пищеварительный протеиновый напиток, простой (14 порций), 1 x Fibergy Active (28 порций), 1 x смесь чая Detox (28 пакетиков на одну порцию), 1 x пробиотик USANA, брошюра для коктейлей (1), вкладыш программы (QR Коды к программе передач + журнал + руководство по стилю жизни) (1)

Комплект для улучшения здоровья пищеварительной системы USANA Plain

Артикул: ITEM-442
Без НДС |
  • USANA Active Nutrition is a comprehensive line of products to support your life in motion. Combined with daily movement, a whole foods diet, mindfulness, and self-acceptance, you can shape lifelong habits and change your life for the better.

    The Active Nutrition Digestive Health Boost Kit includes four, high-quality Active Nutrition products to support a balanced belly, and resources to inspire you during your program and beyond.

    • Digestive Protein Drink (two 14-serving gussets in plain or lemon ginger): Snack smart with this low-glycemic drink that combines prebiotic fibre, plant-based protein, and enzymes.
    • Fibergy Active (28-serving gusset): Feel satiated and maintain a balanced belly with a soluble and insoluble fibre blend.
    • USANA Probiotic (14 single-serve stick packs): Provides probiotics to temporarily modify gut flora in convenient stick packs you can take alone or simply mix with water.
    • Detox Tea Mix (28 single-serve stick packs): Find relief from occasional discomfort with ingredients rooted in herbal medicine, formulated without added sugars.
    • Mix It Up Shake Recipes Pamphlet: Try new recipes and treat your tastebuds with a list of USANA-approved, whole-food ingredients to add to your next shake.
    • Program Insert with QR codes to download a kit program guide, the 60-Day Healthy Habits Journal, and USANA’s Guide to a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle
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