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Nutrimeal Active Meal Replacement Shake, сывороточный шоколад (11 пакетов на одну порцию), Nutrimeal Active Meal Replacement Shake, Whey Vanilla (10 пакетов на одну порцию), пробиотик USANA (7 пакетов в стиках), HealthPak (14 пакетов), Jumpstart Box, содержащий перечисленные выше предметы (1), вставка Jumpstart (1), брошюра встряхивания (1), вставка программы (QR-коды для программы передач + журнал + руководство по стилю жизни) (1)

Комплект для быстрого старта USANA

Артикул: ITEM-253
Без НДС |
  • USANA Active Nutrition is a comprehensive line of products to support your life in motion. Combined with daily movement, a whole foods diet, mindfulness, and self-acceptance, you can shape lifelong habits and change your life for the better.

    The Active Nutrition Jumpstart Kit includes delicious meal-replacement shakes, daily supplement packets, probiotic stick packs, and resources to inspire you during your program and beyond.

    • Nutrimeal Active Meal Replacement Shake (21 single-serve pouches—11 chocolate and 10 vanilla): Fuel your body with a balanced ratio of macronutrients, with 20 grams of protein and less sugar than Nutrimeal.
    • HealthPak (7 AM and 7 PM packets): Support your cells’ health with a broad spectrum of essential nutrients for overall health in individual packets for morning and night.
    • USANA Probiotic (7 stick packs): Provides probiotics to temporarily modify your gut flora in convenient stick packs you can take alone or simply mix with water.
    • Mix It Up Shake Recipes Pamphlet: Try new recipes and treat your tastebuds with a list of USANA-approved, whole-food ingredients to add to your next shake.
    • Program Insert with QR codes to download a kit program guide, the 60-Day Healthy Habits Journal, and USANA’s Guide to a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle
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